Len Cicero is the current technical committee chairperson for CSA Z460-12, The Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout and Other Methods.
In addition, Len developed the complete training program for for CSA on the Lockout Standard and delivered it across Canada in 2005. This was Canada’s first Lockout standard.
Len has also conducted presentations and technical papers to thousands of workers at various health and safety conferences on Lockout and has developed machine and process specific Lockout Procedures (Placards) for several companies across Canada.
Bellow are the services we provide regarding Lockout:



Customized onsite training that is tailored to your company. Included are hands-on practical components.

The workers are trained specific to your company’s lockout program. All training is based on CSA Z460-13.

Training covers all aspects of lockout including – criteria for lockout devices, individual lockout, Group lockout, change of shift procedures, and lockout device and tag removal when worker is absent.

Each participant receives a certificate upon successful completion.

  • Courses range from 2 hour to half day sessions.
  • Customized training is available on the application of “Other Methods” for control of hazardous energy.


Lenco will provide a complete assessment and gap analysis of your current safety lockout program.This helps in ensuring compliance with current standards (CSA Z460 and OHS Regulations).

Work practices are observed through employee interviews, job shadows to compare to CSA Z460.

In addition, a review of polices and procedures. This is followed by a full report including detailed recommendations.


Lenco offers complete program development for all industries, including manufacturing, health care, educational, institutional, service sector, commercial and construction.
Lenco will work with management and workers to develop a workplace electrical safety program that is not only comprehensive, meets current needs and standard, but also is practical itself that your workers will follow it. Moreover is incorporated into the overall OHS management system.
Lenco recommends following these steps in the development and in maintaining your program.
PLAN: An organization selects an appropriate industry standard with which it wants to comply. The elements of the standard form a framework of requirements around which an OHS program can be built.
DO: The organization then populates the selected standard framework with comments and reference documents to create a “living document” that gives the real-time OHS program status (single location where all current relevant OHS program information is maintained)
CHECK: In order to determine compliance with the standard and/or to do a gap analysis to identify continuous improvement opportunities the standard framework is linked to an audit tool. The outcome of an audit or gap analysis is a list of recommendations (areas for continuous improvement) that are then tied back to the “living document” (content in the framework).
ACT: Based on the audit or gap analysis recommendations the organization then needs to take corrective action to improve program performance and update the “living document”. All corrective actions are also logged to provide an audit trail and to record documented proof of due diligence.
IMPROVE: Drive continuous improvement by repeating this process.


Lenco supplies lockout placards for company’s who use visual aids to promote safety, adhere to CSA Z460 compliance, maintain process control and reduce equipment down time.

The placards serve as full time “on-line” instructors, identifying what needs to be done through smart and clever graphics rather than complicated instructions. Training new or temporary help becomes a chore of the past because each visual aid is staged where it’s needed and permanently secured.

At Lenco we have the technical skills, the resources and the flexibility to do the job right. We understand the critical functions and characteristics of industrial equipment and processes. That’s why we can create effective signage that promotes safety and reduces equipment downtime.

Lenco will provide an on-site survey of your process machine Line according to standards established with CSA Z460 “The Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout and Other Methods”. The survey will identify primary and secondary hazardous energy locations, with specific information as to where lockout devices are located, what the lockout device de- energizes, and how to verify the energy was removed. In addition, stored energies and their control will also be identified. All this information is to be displayed on an “Energy Control Procedure Inventory Form” or Placard.


“Energy Control Procedure Inventory Form”
Each survey will be generated into a Microsoft Word format for ease of distribution and modification.
Each inventory form will be constructed in column format, identifying both primary and secondary energy sources, the energy magnitude, its location, what part of the equipment it isolates, the lockout procedure and the verification.
Digital photos and a CAD or layout drawing shall be used to identify the energy-isolating points. This is so the reader can easily identify and locate the lockout points.


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